A. Payment Method

Step 1

acceptance of the estimate, we will ask you to make a deposit of 20% of the
total amount in order to proceed with the firm reservation of your hotels. You
can make the payment either by international SWIFT bank transfer in euros or by
credit card through our secure online payment platform. Please note that the
transfer fees, as well as the fees associated with credit card payment (3%),
are the sole responsibility of the buyer.

Bank Details:



Account Number: 0130890594



Step 2

The remaining
balance of your package will be settled upon your arrival. You also have the
option to pay the balance by bank transfer, similar to the deposit, but in this
case, at least two weeks before your departure. Salut Bali T&T also accepts
online payments by Visa and Mastercard credit cards. However, please note that
in Indonesia, the payment fees for card transactions (3% of the amount) are
borne by the payer.


B. Terms & Guarantees Salut Bali T&T

Salut Bali T&T takes care of your private customized tour from your arrival at the entry airport in Indonesia until your departure. Your round-trip international flight to Indonesia is your responsibility and not the responsibility of Salut Bali T&T.

The packages are based on the duration of your stay, the selected range of hotels, the size of your group, and the activities supported by Salut Bali T&T as mentioned in the quotation to which you have agreed. The packages include:
• Airport transfers
• Hotel nights with breakfast
• Reservation costs
• Rental of your private vehicle with local insurance and fuel (unlimited mileage)
• Compensation for your private guide and/or driver (available for an average duration of 10 hours/day throughout your stay).
• Please note that meals and accommodation for the guide and/or driver are not the responsibility of the Buyer, but if the Buyer invites the guide and/or driver to join their table, they should be considered as a “guest.”

Note that the flexibility of customized stays organized by Salut Bali T&T allows the Buyer to modify itineraries, visits, and activities when they do not result in significant costs for the Organizer.

No insurance is included in the prices offered by the Organizer. Therefore, we strongly recommend that you subscribe to an insurance policy covering the consequences of cancellation or modification of your trip, assistance covering certain specific risks, including repatriation costs in case of accident or illness, and baggage coverage.
The risks covered by these guarantees, their costs, the amount of coverage, exclusions, and refund procedures are detailed in the insurance policies. We invite you to carefully read the policy before registering.

Our rates do not include
• Round-trip flights to Indonesia
• Meals except for breakfasts taken at your hotel unless otherwise stated in the quotation
• Optional activities with a surcharge indicated in the quotation or decided on-site
• Fees related to program changes due to your initiative

Cancellation / Refund
If you need to cancel your stay for any reason (health or personal), even at the last minute, your 20-50% deposit will be fully converted into a non-time-limited credit for a future stay with Salut Bali T&T. This credit is also transferable to a third party. 

Salut Bali T&T is only responsible for the management of your stay (reception, accommodation, transportation, guide, advice) from your arrival to your departure. Your itinerary will be truly personalized, meeting Salut Bali T&T criteria while adapting to your budget.
Salut Bali T&T disclaims all responsibility in the event of difficulties:
• With customs services in case of irregular situation on your part
• With police services or any local administration
• In case of loss or theft of personal belongings
• In the possession or use of prohibited products (drugs…)


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