We recommend the BOROBUDUR site, the largest Buddhist temple in the world, as well as PRAMBANAN, the most refined temple on the island. Watching the sunrise on Mount BROMO and climbing Mount IJEN are also unmissable.

Massive Prambanan temple, and the most impressive of Java's Hindu art. The compound is dominated by the Trimurti temple, centre and biggest is devoted to Shiva, flanged by Vishnu and Brahma temple.


One of the most beautiful tourist destinations in the world: BALI! Enchanting sites, breathtaking landscapes, wonderful shades of green rice fields, heavenly beaches and luxurious hotels, not to mention the legendary smile of the Balinese! Everything is there to satisfy your desires. UBUD, MUNDUK, PEMUTERAN, AMED, SIDEMEN, JIMBARAN, SEMINYAK, SANUR, and ULUWATU are regions, so different from each other, that we can only recommend them.


Lombok And Gili

If you want to get off the beaten path, you will love staying in LOMBOK and GILI will be an ideal option to relax with gorgeous beaches and few tourists. On the island of LOMBOK you can enjoy cultural visits and climb Mount RINJANI.


It is one of the most exotic islands in Indonesia. We recommend the site TANA TORAJA (Toraja Country) for its grandiose funeral ceremonies. SENGKANG which is famous for its traditional silks and for its lake, and BIRA for its construction sites of the best wooden boats in Sulawesi.

Perjalanan ke Sulawesi
Perjalanan ke Sulawesi
Perjalanan ke Sulawesi


Meeting with ORANG UTANS, trekking and camping in the jungles, visiting the city of MEDAN, PADANG and the island of SAMOSIR, seeing the gigantic flower of RAFLESIA, and discovering and doing wild activities. These are to be done on the island of SUMATRA.

orang utan

Komodo National Park

If you want to make the authentic trip for a few days on a boat, meet the dragons of KOMODO, enjoy the exotic and wild beaches where there is only you, the island of Komodo and its neighboring islands are necessarily in your travel list. to do.

Perjalanan ke Taman Nasional Komodo
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These are programs to discover, explore and enjoy tropical and exotic nature.

  • Walk in the rice fields.
  • Ascent of the Merapi, Bromo, Kawah Ijen, Batur, and Rinjani volcanoes.
  • Bathing in hot water.
  • Meet the dolphins and enjoy their show in the sea.
  • Boat trip.
  • Camping in the jungle.
  • Meeting with Orang Utans.
  • See the Raflesia Arnoldi flower.
  • Throwing baby turtles into the sea.


These programs aim to make you discover and approach nature while playing sports.

  • Diving with mask and snorkel (snorkling) or scuba diving (diving).
  • Trekking in a tropical forest.
  • Rafting and tubing.
  • Bike or mountain bike ride.
  • Horseback riding by the sea.


We offer these programs to introduce you to the richness of our heritage and make you discover and experience the life of the Indonesian people.

  • Visit temples, palaces and historical monuments.
  • Visit of a village and traditional markets.
  • Visit museums and art galleries.
  • Funeral rituals and cockfighting.
  • Visit local craft workshops.
  • Enjoy a dance, music, ballet or puppet show.
  • Make the local cuisine and learn to do massages.
  • Live with the locals.
  • To local activities.
  • Make the batik with a stamp and by hand.


  • Meet Balians: Healers, Sorcerers, Shamans, Traditional Medicine.
  • Yoga and Meditation.
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