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10 Excursions to Mount Bromo in 2024 Facing the Natural Wonders of Mount Bromo

Indonesia, with its stunning natural beauty, has gained a reputation as an outstanding tourist destination. One of its unforgettable icons is Mount Bromo, which captivates not only with its majestic views of volcanoes but also offers a profound tourist experience. Its captivating natural beauty has attracted the attention of tourists from around the world. Mount Bromo in 2024 will present a series of new excursions promising extraordinary adventures and unforgettable memories for its visitors. With ever-evolving innovation and creativity, this destination continues to enrich the tourist experience and becomes an increasingly attractive destination.

In this article, we will explore ten new destinations at Mount Bromo that deserve a place in your travel itinerary. From the Air Festival at sunrise atop Penanjakan, offering spectacular views of the sunrise, to sandboarding in the Bromo Sand Sea, each destination promises a unique experience that will enrich your journey. With events such as the outdoor theater show on Kingkong Hill and the Mount Bromo Culinary Festival, Mount Bromo is not limited to being a natural tourist destination but also embraces arts, culture, and cuisine to provide a complete experience to visitors.

10 New Excursions at Mount Bromo in 2024

1.Air Festival at Sunrise atop Penanjakan

Mount Bromo in 2024

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Mount Bromo is famous for its breathtaking sunrise panorama. However, in 2024, the experience of contemplating this beauty will reach its peak with the Air Festival at sunrise atop Penanjakan. This event will showcase not only the beauty of the sunrise but also colorful hot air balloons floating in the sky.

Visitors can savor this magical moment while feeling the cool breeze and admiring the breathtaking view of Mount Bromo. With a limited number of tickets, this event promises an exclusive and enjoyable sunrise experience. Each hot air balloon will take visitors to a height allowing them to contemplate the natural wonders of Mount Bromo in 2024 from a perspective they had never imagined before.

2.Cycling Tour through Ngadisari Village

Mount Bromo in 2024


For sports and adventure enthusiasts, Mount Bromo in 2024 offers the Cycling Tour through Ngadisari Village. This peaceful village is the starting point for an exciting journey through beautiful countryside and enchanting natural landscapes. The cycling route invites cyclists to explore green hills and challenging trails, enhancing the tourist experience with enjoyable physical activity.

Cyclists will get to experience the daily life of local residents while admiring the surrounding natural beauty. This cycling tour is not just a physical challenge but also an open window into the culture that animates the biking adventure at Mount Bromo.

3.Sandboarding Experience in the Bromo Sand Sea

The Bromo Sand Sea, with its soft and golden sand, is not only a beautiful backdrop but also an arena for an exhilarating sandboarding experience. The year 2024 will see the introduction of this activity as one of the main attractions of Mount Bromo. Visitors will have the opportunity to glide on the soft sand while feeling the breeze and the adrenaline rush.

Experienced instructors will guide visitors, from beginners to experts, so that everyone can feel the joy and adventure of sliding on a board in the majestic setting of Mount Bromo. With the majestic silhouette of Mount Bromo in the background, sandboarding in the Bromo Sand Sea will be an unforgettable moment.

4.Jeep Tour around Bromo Crater at Night

Mount Bromo in 2024


The recent tourist program of Mount Bromo in 2024 also offers a unique night jeep tour around the crater. Visitors will be driven on trails illuminated by the moonlight to the edge of the crater lit by the jeep’s dim light. This experience provides the opportunity to contemplate the dramatic landscape of Mount Bromo in a calm and mysterious nighttime atmosphere.

Jeeps equipped with special headlights will drive visitors on trails that are generally invisible during the day. This nighttime adventure not only offers a unique experience but also allows visitors to enjoy the tranquility of nature that can only be felt at night.

5.Outdoor Theater Show on Kingkong Hill

Mount Bromo in 2024 will become the stage for an outdoor theater show on Kingkong Hill. In an exceptional setting, this theater will feature performances combining art, music, and dance against the enchanting backdrop of Mount Bromo. Visitors can enjoy the shows performed under the open sky, accompanied by the natural rumbling of Mount Bromo.

This theater show not only merges art with natural wonders but also provides a platform for local artists to showcase their talent. By participating in this event, visitors can savor the local culture while uniting with the awe-inspiring natural beauty.

6.Photography Workshop with a Professional Photographer

Mount Bromo in 2024


For photography enthusiasts, Mount Bromo offers exclusive photography workshops led by professional photographers. In 2024, this destination will be the place where participants refine their photography skills while capturing the beauty of Mount Bromo. Participants will learn specific techniques for capturing spectacular landscapes and optimizing the use of their photographic equipment.

This workshop not only offers practical knowledge but also the opportunity to gain a unique perspective from an experienced professional. After the workshop, participants can take home a collection of stunning personal photos.

7.Mount Bromo Culinary Festival

Mount Bromo in 2024


Culinary excursions will take the spotlight in 2024 with the Mount Bromo Culinary Festival. Visitors will have the opportunity to explore the diversity of local and international cuisine offered by food vendors gathered around the tourist area. This festival is not just about taste but also the experience of dining under the open sky of Mount Bromo.

With a wide selection of dishes, ranging from local traditional dishes to international cuisine, this culinary festival will delight the taste buds of visitors. While enjoying delicious meals, visitors can feel the lively and festive atmosphere of the festival that attracts food enthusiasts.

8.Art and Creativity Camp in Ngadisari Village

Mount Bromo in 2024


Ngadisari Village will host an Art and Creativity Camp, offering visitors the opportunity to hone their artistic and creative skills. From landscape paintings to traditional crafts, this camp will feature a variety of activities combining art with the natural beauty of Mount Bromo.

Visitors will collaborate with local artists to create artworks inspired by the natural wonders surrounding them. It’s not just a learning experience but also a way to leave a creative imprint in one of Indonesia’s most iconic tourist destinations.

9.Hot Mud Bath Therapy in Widodaren Crater

Mount Bromo in 2024


Natural excursions at Mount Bromo in 2024 will be complemented by the Hot Mud Bath Therapy in the Widodaren Crater. This crater will be transformed into a health therapy center with natural hot mud renowned for its healing benefits. Visitors can immerse themselves in this warm mud while admiring the enchanting panorama of the crater.

This mud bath therapy not only offers physical relaxation but also a complete experience for those seeking health and fitness. Visitors can feel the benefits of natural minerals in the mud while appreciating the natural beauty of Mount Bromo.

10.Glamping on the Slopes of Mount Bromo in 2024

Mount Bromo in 2024


For a luxurious and different accommodation experience, Mount Bromo in 2024 will offer glamping on the mountain slopes. Visitors can enjoy comfort by setting up luxurious tents in the heart of spectacular nature. With complete amenities such as comfortable beds, a private bathroom, and butler service, glamping on the slopes of Mount Bromo offers unforgettable luxury in the midst of nature.

This glamping experience is not just about high-end comfort but also about connecting guests with the surrounding natural beauty. With the moonlight illuminating the night, guests can feel the tranquility of the night that can only be found on the slopes of Mount Bromo.


The year 2024 will be an exceptional time for Mount Bromo as the host of various recent destinations offering extraordinary and profound experiences. From aerial festivals at sunrise that are dazzling to luxurious glamping on the mountain slopes, each location emits its own charm, captivating visitors with its uniqueness and unforgettable beauty.

The opportunity to experience the natural wonder of Mount Bromo in a new and captivating way is an opportunity not to be missed. Don’t miss the chance to experience the natural splendor of Mount Bromo in 2024 in a new and fascinating way. Plan your trip to Yogyakarta with Hi Bali, where we are ready to help you organize it. Get ready to explore this destination and create unforgettable memories throughout your journey.

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