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10 must-do activities in Lombok: Explore the beauty of nature

Lombok, a hidden paradise in Indonesia, offers an unparalleled tourist experience with its charming nature. One of the must-do activities in Lombok is to appreciate the charms of its exotic beaches. From the famous Kuta Beach with its soft white sand to the unique Pink Beach, every beach in Lombok offers exceptional beauty. Moreover, to feel the grandeur of nature in Lombok, mountain hiking is a must-do activity. Mount Rinjani, with its dazzling summit, provides a challenging yet rewarding hiking experience.

Furthermore, another must-do activities in Lombok is to explore the island’s rich cultural heritage. Visiting traditional villages like Sasak in Sade or Sukarara offers a profound understanding of local life and culture. This allows you to feel the warmth and hospitality of the locals. With these 10 must-do activities in Lombok, you can explore the natural beauty and feel the charm of the island comprehensively, ensuring that your trip is an unforgettable experience.

10 Must-Do Activities in Lombok

1.Snorkeling at Gili Trawangan or Gili Nanggu

must-do activities in Lombok


When planning a visit to Lombok, one of the must-do activities not to be missed is snorkeling. Snorkeling is a major attraction for visitors, and Gili Trawangan and Gili Nanggu are two renowned destinations offering an extraordinary experience in this activity. In particular, the snorkeling package at Gili Trawangan introduces you to three beautiful islands, including Gili Meno and Gili Air, creating a highly memorable snorkeling experience. By immersing yourself in the fascinating underwater life of the waters around Lombok, you open the door to an unforgettable adventure.

Don’t forget to include snorkeling as a must-do activities in Lombok, as the beauty of this enchanting underwater world is a unique attraction of the island. The clarity of the water, the diversity of coral reefs, and the charm of marine life create an unforgettable sight. By engaging in main activities such as snorkeling, you can feel the charm of Lombok’s underwater world directly. So, make sure to include snorkeling in the list of must-do activities in Lombok for a comprehensive tourist experience.

2.Explore the Hidden Beaches of Central Lombok

must-do activities in Lombok


Lombok, with its amazing charm, offers an unforgettable holiday experience. One of the must-do activities in Lombok is to visit the still pristine, secluded beaches of central Lombok. Mawun and Selong Belanak beaches are two destinations not to be missed. The clear blue water, soft white sand, and surrounding natural beauty create an increasingly beautiful and captivating atmosphere. The uniqueness of these two beaches lies in the tranquility they offer, with minimal facilities but an unforgettable private beach experience. If you’re seeking tranquility and authentic natural beauty, central Lombok is the perfect choice to make your holiday more memorable.

Visiting these beaches is not just about appreciating natural beauty but also experiencing rare peace that is hard to find elsewhere. Therefore, making a visit to the secluded beaches of central Lombok is a must-do activities in Lombok during your vacation. With a peaceful atmosphere and minimal facilities, you can enjoy personal moments without interruption. When looking for an ideal place to relax and connect with nature, central Lombok offers an extraordinary experience. By visiting these beaches, you not only explore the still-preserved natural beauty but also find a characteristic peace that defines holiday activities in Lombok.

3.Try Sate Rembiga

must-do activities in Lombok


Lombok, as an amazing tourist destination, captivates not only with its natural beauty but also with its local culinary delights. One of the must-do activities in Lombok is to savor the delicious local cuisine, and Sate Rembiga is a dish not to be missed. Made from beef, this satay brings uniqueness with a delicious taste similar to chicken. The abundant use of spices gives a unique touch and enriches the flavor of this dish. Sate Rembiga can also be bought as a souvenir as it can be preserved for up to a day, allowing you to bring home distinctive culinary memories from Lombok to enjoy after your trip.

Tasting Sate Rembiga is not just about enjoying a delicious dish but also a must-do activity that enhances the gastronomic experience in Lombok. While exploring the island, be sure to take the time to taste this Lombok specialty, while also bringing home a unique culinary memory. By trying Sate Rembiga, you not only taste the uniqueness of local cuisine but also participate in amust-do activities in Lombok that engages all senses, creating memorable moments during your trip to Lombok.

4.Hike Mount Rinjani

must-do activities in Lombok


For adventure enthusiasts, one of the must-do activities in Lombok is hiking Mount Rinjani, an unforgettable experience that will leave lasting memories. As an icon of the island, Mount Rinjani offers stunning natural views and the natural Segara Anak Lake, creating a captivating natural panorama. Hiking to the summit of Mount Rinjani is considered one of the most beautiful hikes in Southeast Asia, captivating hikers with outstanding natural beauty and an exciting challenge. This must-do activity provides the opportunity to see the sunrise or sunset from this majestic summit, adding a romantic touch to this stimulating adventure.

Hiking Mount Rinjani is not just about conquering its summit but also feeling the natural magic of Lombok in a deep way. Engaging in this must-do activity not only provides physical satisfaction but also offers profound spiritual moments. With breathtaking natural views and an impressive hiking experience, Mount Rinjani becomes an unforgettable destination for adventurers seeking must-do activities in Lombok that stimulate the spirit of adventure on this beautiful island.

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5.Bau Nyale Festival

must-do activities in Lombok


Bau Nyale, an unforgettable annual festival in Lombok, is not only a unique cultural celebration but also a must-do activities in Lombok worth attending. Taking place on Seger Beach, this festival gathers thousands of people in a ritual of massive sea worm catching, providing visitors with the opportunity to feel the beauty of local culture. The long history and legend of Princess Mandalika give deep meaning to every aspect of this event. Plan your visit between February and March, as this is the best time to experience the joy and directly participate in this richly meaningful tradition.

The Bau Nyale Festival is not just an annual event but also a must-do activity for those who want to delve deeper into Lombok’s culture. Eagerly awaited every year, this festival is not just a party and celebration but also a connection with the rich cultural heritage of this island. Therefore, participating in the Bau Nyale Festival becomes a must-do activities in Lombok that not only offers a unique cultural experience but also a deeper understanding of Lombok’s cultural richness.

6.Visit Tetebatu Village

must-do activities in Lombok


Tetebatu Village, at the foot of Mount Rinjani, offers not only captivating natural charm but also an in-depth experience of must-do activities in Lombok. It is essential to interact with the locals, who are the indigenous Sasak people, to understand the daily life and rich culture of the area. Additionally, enjoying the cool and authentic rural atmosphere is an unforgettable experience for visitors looking for uniqueness.

This must-do activity can be enriched by exploring the surrounding natural beauty, including visiting the stunning Jukut waterfall. The captivating beauty of this nature is not just an attractive addition but also the focal point for those who want to feel the charm of Lombok’s nature directly.

Jukut waterfall, as one of the natural wonders around Tetebatu Village, is a key element in must-do activities in Lombok. The charm of this waterfall not only offers visual freshness but also an ideal place to refresh the mind after exploring the unique local culture.

By combining must-do activities such as interacting with locals and enjoying rural life, along with exploring the beauty of Jukut waterfall, visitors can feel Lombok in a holistic way. This is what makes Tetebatu Village a preferred destination for those seeking a different tourist experience and wanting to participate in must-do activities in Lombok that bring depth to the exploration of Lombok’s culture and nature.

7.Enjoy Sunset at Senggigi Beach

must-do activities in Lombok


Senggigi Beach, with its longest stretch of coastline, is the main icon of Lombok and is a must-do activities in Lombok. Easy access along the Senggigi route makes it the primary choice for visitors who want to enjoy a spectacular sunset. Watching the sunset at Senggigi Beach is an unforgettable experience as it offers a charming natural view.

Mount Arjuna in Bali, visible in the distance, adds to the beauty of the panorama, creating a magical atmosphere that is hard to forget. Visitors can choose one of the spots along the route to enjoy the impressive sunset view. Thus, Senggigi Beach is not only a famous tourist destination but also a place to engage in must-do activities in Lombok to appreciate the natural beauty of Lombok.

8.Rent a Scooter to Explore Lombok

must-do activities in Lombok


A must-do activities in Lombok to maximize the exploration of its fascinating sites is to rent a scooter. Many tourists, including foreigners, choose this option for its flexibility. Renting scooters in Mataram, the strategic downtown area, is a smart step to start your journey. Using a scooter offers the freedom to appreciate the beauty of the island in a more personal and intense way.

By exploring Lombok on a scooter, you feel the freedom to choose your tourist destinations, plan your travel time, and briefly stop to enjoy the magnificent landscapes you encounter. Thus, renting scooters is not just a means of transportation but also a must-do activities in Lombok that adds an additional dimension to the tourist experience in Lombok.

Through this activity, you adapt more easily to the local atmosphere and experience the daily life of the local population. The freshness of the sea breeze, the fragrance of fertile land, and the amazing natural panorama can be enjoyed more intimately. The scooter allows you to explore remote places or narrow streets inaccessible by car. Thus, scooter rental in Lombok becomes the main key to obtaining a complete and authentic exploration experience on this exotic island.

9.Explore Traditional Markets in Lombok

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Immersing yourself in local culture and the typical flavors of Lombok is a must-do activities in Lombok for a more in-depth tourist experience. One of the best ways to achieve this is to take the time to explore traditional markets scattered throughout the island. Mandalika Market in Kuta, Lombok, is a highly recommended destination to enrich the cultural experience. Here, visitors can interact directly with locals, observe traditional business practices, and taste various authentic dishes from Lombok.

Mandalika Market is not just a place for shopping and tasting local cuisine, but it also provides a window into the daily life of Lombok residents. This must-do activity offers a unique perspective on the lifestyle and cultural values cherished by the local population. By wandering through the market, visitors can feel the diversity of local products, understand traditional trading methods, and appreciate the warmth of the lively market atmosphere. Thus, exploring traditional markets like Mandalika Market not only provides a shopping experience but also constitutes a cultural journey that adds a special touch to holidays in Lombok.

10.Discover the Mysterious Sasak Traditional Villages

must-do activities in Lombok


To delve further into Lombok’s cultural heritage, it is acknowledged that a must-do activities in Lombok is to visit the Sasak traditional villages. Sade and Rambitan villages, as main destinations, offer an authentic representation of traditional Sasak life. These villages showcase the beauty of distinctive architecture, traditional ceremonies illustrating local values, and local craftsmanship that enriches the local culture.

By exploring the alleys of the villages, visitors will be enchanted by the sight of houses with characteristic rumbia roofs, handwoven fabrics full of colors, and the warm welcome of the residents reflecting the cultural richness of the island. This must-do activity not only offers an impressive visual experience but also allows visitors to feel the atmosphere and warmth of traditional village life. Exploring Sasak traditional villages is not just a physical journey but also a journey through time, taking visitors back to the past and providing a deeper understanding of the sustainability and richness of Lombok’s authentic heritage.

10 Tips to Ensure Safety During Must-Do Activities in Lombok:

  1. Understand the weather and seasons: Check the weather forecast and seasons in Lombok before traveling. Weather conditions can change, so make sure to prepare clothing and equipment suitable for the current conditions.

  2. Importance of travel insurance: Ensure you have travel insurance covering all eventualities, including health, accidents, and loss of valuables. This provides additional protection during your stay.

  3. Know your location: Study the map and location of the place you will visit. Make sure to know the route and location of your accommodation to avoid getting lost, especially when exploring less-known areas.

  4. Pay attention to safety in accommodations: Choose accommodation with a good reputation and adequate safety facilities. Keep your valuables in a safe place and use a safe if available.

  5. Monitor your luggage: Always keep an eye on your luggage, especially in busy places such as markets or tourist sites. Use an anti-theft bag and avoid attracting attention with overly flashy valuables.

  6. Interact with locals: Be friendly and respect local culture. Making friends with locals can provide an additional layer of security and offer a more authentic tourist experience.

  7. Wear appropriate clothing: Lombok has a rather conservative culture, especially in villages. Make sure to wear decent clothing in accordance with local customs, especially when visiting places of worship or traditional villages.

  8. Keep emergency numbers: Save emergency numbers such as police, hospital, and other important contacts on your phone. This can be very useful in case of an emergency.

  9. Importance of clean water and safe food: Consume clean water and safe food. Make sure to buy sealed bottled water and avoid foods that could cause digestive issues.

  10. Respect tourist rules and regulations: Follow the rules and regulations in place at tourist sites. This not only ensures your own safety but also supports the preservation of the environment and sustainability of tourist destinations.

By practicing these suggestions, you will ensure the safety and security while engaging in essential must-do activities in Lombok. Be sure to always follow local instructions regarding weather conditions and warnings, as well as understand the travel routes beforehand. Use protective gear such as helmets and safety equipment, especially when riding motorcycles or participating in water activities. Safely keep identification documents and emergency contacts. Avoid risky or dangerous places, and always inform trusted individuals of your travel plans. By adhering to these guidelines, you can enjoy your experience in Lombok more safely and peacefully.


The must-do activities in Lombok to maximize the tourist experience involve exploring the beautiful landscapes of various destinations. From snorkeling in Gili Trawangan, offering an incredible underwater view, to appreciating the beauty of the sunset at Senggigi Beach, each activity brings its unique charm. Thus, exploring nature in Lombok is not just a travel choice but must-do activities in Lombok that must be integrated to feel the uniqueness of the island as a whole.

However, natural beauty is not the only thing to discover in Lombok. Another must-do activities in Lombok is to experience the local culture and cuisine by visiting traditional markets and Sasak villages. Don’t miss the opportunity to interact with the locals, observe traditional business practices, and taste authentic Lombok cuisine. Thus, Lombok is not just an ordinary tourist destination; it is a profound journey that combines natural beauty and the rich cultural diversity of Indonesia.

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