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Exploration in Bali: 15 Historical Sites to Visit

Bali, with its indescribable charm, is not just a popular holiday destination but also a treasure trove of captivating history and cultural heritage. Exploration in Bali these 15 historical sites will allow you to reflect on the life and long journey of this island, from a rich past to the ongoing allure of its natural wonders that continue to enchant visitors. Let’s delve into the traces of history and wonders that permeate every corner of the island of Bali.

15 Historical Sites to Visit during Exploration in Bali

1.Pura Besakih: Beauty and Spiritual Grandeur of Bali

Exploration in Bali

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The first historical site in Bali Exploration is Pura Besakih, also known as Pura Agung Besakih, the highest spiritual place in Bali. Located on the slopes of Mount Agung, this temple houses hundreds of sanctuaries and places of worship. It is said that Pura Besakih has existed since the 8th century and remains a center for Hindu religious ceremonies. With its breathtaking mountainous landscape, Pura Besakih is not only a historical site but also a window into the natural beauty and spirituality of Bali.

2.Taman Ayun: Enchanting Architecture in Mengwi

Exploration in Bali

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Taman Ayun is a temple complex that reflects the grandeur of the Mengwi kingdom in the 17th century. Surrounded by clear water pools, this temple features characteristic Balinese architecture with beautiful gates and multi-tiered pagodas. Taman Ayun is a silent witness to ancient Balinese civilization, captivating visitors with its artistic beauty and peaceful atmosphere. Don’t miss the chance to feel the tranquility and splendor of Taman Ayun during your visit to Bali.

3.Goa Gajah: Traces of Prehistoric Wonders in a Cave

Exploration in Bali

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Goa Gajah, or the Elephant Cave, is an archaeological site revealing traces of prehistoric life in Bali. Located in Ubud, this cave invites you to explore the uniqueness of stone architecture, reliefs, and sculptures that tell stories of the past. Supposedly dating back to the 11th century, Goa Gajah offers a mystical experience in a cave atmosphere surrounded by enormous fig trees. Travelers seeking a unique and captivating historical experience should include Goa Gajah in their travel itinerary.

4.Keraton Klungkung: The Glory of Bali’s Oldest Kingdom

Exploration in Bali

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Keraton Klungkung, or Puri Agung Semarapura, is the former palace of the Klungkung kingdom, now turned into a historical site. Built in the 18th century, this palace showcases majestic architecture with the Kerta Gosa, a court hall adorned with epic paintings of the Mahabharata and Ramayana. Visitors can feel Bali’s past glory while exploring the historical buildings and beautiful gardens. Visit Keraton Klungkung to deepen your understanding of Bali’s rich history and culture.

5.Le Mayeur Museum: Belgian Painter and Love Story in Sanur

Exploration in Bali

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The Le Mayeur Museum in Sanur houses the works of Belgian painter Adrien-Jean Le Mayeur and his wife Ni Pollok. Opened to the public in 1957, this museum offers a unique insight into daily life in Bali and the beautiful love story between Le Mayeur and Ni Pollok. With colorful paintings depicting life on the island, the Le Mayeur Museum is a historical site that blends art and Bali’s romantic history.

6.Kuta Beach: Traces of the Trading and Fishing Era in Bali

Exploration in Bali

Kuta Beach, now famous for surfing and nightlife, also preserves traces of Bali’s history. In the past, Kuta was a bustling trading and fishing center. Rows of coconut trees and its white sand still retain memories of traditional Balinese life. Don’t forget to explore the surroundings of Kuta Beach to discover the historical heritage hidden amid the glow of the island’s modernity.

7.Bali Provincial State Museum: Exploration of Historical and Cultural Artifacts

Exploration in Bali

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The Bali Provincial State Museum, located in Denpasar, is where historical artifacts and objects of Bali are preserved and exhibited. From traditional art to historical relics, this museum offers a comprehensive overview of Bali’s journey through the ages. With a collection covering various aspects of life, the Bali Provincial State Museum is the perfect place to understand the island’s cultural heritage.

8.Gitgit Waterfall: Natural Beauty Hiding a Mystery

Exploration in Bali

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Gitgit Waterfall, situated in the village of Gitgit in Buleleng, not only offers stunning natural beauty but also holds a history and mystical dimension. Surrounded by dense tropical forest, this waterfall is considered by locals to have spiritual and sacred value. With a height of approximately 35 meters, Gitgit Waterfall is a captivating destination, inviting visitors to feel the authentic peace of Balinese nature.

9.Lovina Beach: Traces of Fishermen’s Life and Traditional Authenticity in North Bali

Exploration in Bali

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Lovina Beach, located in northern Bali, is famous not only for friendly dolphins but also for traces of traditional Balinese fishermen’s life. Fishing villages along this beach provide an authentic glimpse into the daily lives of locals. Explore the local market, observe traditional fishing activities, and enjoy the spectacular sunset at Lovina Beach to feel the beauty of Bali away from the hustle of major tourist attractions.

10.Pura Lempuyang Luhur: Gateway to Paradise on Top of Lempuyang Hill

Exploration in Bali

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Pura Lempuyang Luhur, located atop Lempuyang Hill, offers breathtaking views and a profound spiritual experience. With the famous “Gateway to Bali’s Heaven,” this temple attracts visitors from around the world. In addition to natural beauty, Pura Lempuyang Luhur has historical depth and is a major place of worship in Bali. Explore this temple complex and enjoy a spiritual journey at one of Bali’s most historical sites.

11.Mount Batur: Discovering Natural Beauty and Volcanic History

Exploration in Bali

Mount Batur, an active volcano located in Kintamani, not only offers exceptional natural beauty but also encapsulates Bali’s volcanic history. The summit of Mount Batur provides a spectacular view and is a popular spot for sunrise hikes. Its volcanic activity creates a unique and historical landscape. Explore Mount Batur to experience the natural wonder and geological history that accompanies it.

12.Penglipuran Village: Beauty of Traditional Balinese Village

Exploration in Bali

Penglipuran Village, located in Bangli, is a living example of a traditional Balinese village. With neatly arranged houses and an orderly layout, this village preserves the uniqueness of traditional Balinese architecture. Paved paths adorned with natural stones and the cleanliness of the village create a peaceful and authentic atmosphere. Penglipuran Village is a historical destination allowing visitors to immerse themselves in the traditional life of Bali and gain a deeper understanding of local culture.

13.Tirta Empul: Source of Sacred Water and Spiritual Devotion

Exploration in Bali

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Tirta Empul, located in Tampaksiring, is a complex of sacred water temples dating back to the 10th century. Known as “Pura Tirta Empul,” this place has a sacred water source believed to have healing and soul-purifying powers. Visitors can participate in the sacred bathing ritual and feel a deep spiritual experience. Tirta Empul is a place that combines natural beauty, historical value, and the existence of spirituality at the heart of Bali’s magic.

14.Bias Tugel Beach: Hidden Beauty in East Bali

Exploration in Bali

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Bias Tugel Beach, located in Karangasem, is a hidden paradise in East Bali. Surrounded by cliffs and lush vegetation, this beach offers captivating natural charm. The trail leading to this beach creates an adventurous atmosphere and a particular uniqueness. Bias Tugel Beach is an ideal historical destination for travelers seeking tranquility and the authentic natural beauty of Bali.

15.Pura Taman Saraswati: Place of Art and Beauty in Ubud

Exploration in Bali

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Pura Taman Saraswati, located in central Ubud, is a temple dedicated to Dewi Saraswati, the goddess of knowledge and arts. With its beautiful lotus pond in front, this temple is a charming place to enjoy traditional Balinese art performances. Pura Taman Saraswati is a historical destination that blends architectural beauty, artistic performances, and spirituality. Visit this temple to feel the grandeur of art and beauty presented by Balinese culture.


Exploration in Bali with these 15 historical sites is not just a physical journey on the map but also a journey through time and culture. This island, with all its charm, is not just a tourist destination but also a place where every stone and every drop of water holds a long story. The majestic Pura Besakih teaches us spiritual resilience, while Taman Ayun takes us back to the times of Bali’s greatness.

In conclusion of this journey, we realize that Exploration in Bali is not just a trace in history but also a fusion with the wonders and beauty that persist there. Bali is not just a destination but also a constantly evolving story that inspires every visitor seeking more than just a getaway. Exploration in Bali, with these 15 historical sites, is a work of art that continues to speak to us, inviting us to savor and preserve the beauty and wisdom found there. Exploration in Bali with Salut Bali will accompany you and help you appreciate the beauty of nature and the history of the island of Bali.

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