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Mount Rinjani with the Children: 5 An Unforgettable Family Adventure

Mount Rinjani, with its stunning natural beauty and enchanting charm, has long been a favorite destination for climbers and nature lovers. However, ascending this mountain is often seen as reserved for experienced adults. Many hesitate to take their children on this adventure to climb the second-highest peak in Indonesia. However, with careful planning and an understanding of the uniqueness of Mount Rinjani, this exploration can become an unforgettable experience for the whole family.

While there are challenges to climbing Mount Rinjani, such as difficult terrain and rapid weather changes, the experience of ascending with children can strengthen family bonds and teach them about the beauty of nature and the importance of environmental preservation. By taking children along, parents can provide them with the opportunity to directly experience the wonders of nature and develop survival skills as well as the courage to face challenges.

Furthermore, Mount Rinjani also offers spectacular panoramas, including a beautiful crater lake, impressive waterfalls, and stunning sunrises. Through this journey, children can gain a deeper appreciation for Indonesia’s natural beauty and build stronger connections with their environment. With proper preparation and a wise approach, the adventure of climbing Mount Rinjani can become a precious time for the whole family to explore and appreciate Indonesia’s natural wonders.

1.The Beauty of Mount Rinjani

Mount Rinjani 


Mount Rinjani offers a variety of captivating natural beauties, from its majestic summit to its mystical crater lake. The breathtaking landscapes throughout the journey make it an attractive destination for climbers. However, when it comes to taking children, there are a few points to consider to ensure the adventure is safe and enjoyable.

Firstly, it’s important to consider the physical and mental preparedness of children before starting the ascent. Ensure they are strong enough and ready to endure a potentially strenuous journey. Additionally, prepare appropriate equipment, such as sleeping bags, warm clothing, as well as enough food and drinks.

Secondly, keep safety in mind during the journey. Make sure to choose a climbing route suitable for the children’s abilities and always supervise them during the journey. Remember to bring emergency supplies and teach children mountain safety.

Lastly, don’t forget to enjoy moments with the children during the adventure. Mount Rinjani is not just about reaching the summit, but also about experiencing family time and appreciating the beauty of nature. Make every moment an opportunity to teach children about nature and create unforgettable memories with them. By considering these aspects, the adventure of climbing Mount Rinjani with children can become a valuable experience for the whole family.

2.Physical and Mental Preparation

Mount Rinjani 


Climbing Mount Rinjani with children requires thorough physical and mental preparation. Choosing a climbing route suitable for the children’s physical abilities is key to the success of this adventure. Routes like Sembalun or Senaru may be more suitable choices for families with children due to their lower difficulty level and less exhausting distance.

Additionally, mental preparation is also crucial to deal with any challenges that may arise during the journey. Teaching children the importance of resilience, perseverance, and independence can help them overcome fear and anxiety during the ascent. By giving them a good understanding of what to expect during the journey, children will be better prepared to face potentially difficult situations.

In addition to physical and mental preparation, having the proper equipment is also an important step. Make sure to have emergency supplies, warm clothing, sufficient food and drinks, as well as comfortable sleeping gear for the children. Always monitor weather conditions and environmental changes during the journey to ensure family safety. With careful preparation and the choice of the appropriate climbing route, the adventure of climbing Mount Rinjani with children can become a valuable and unforgettable experience for the whole family.

3.Safety and Health

Mount Rinjani 


When hiking with children, safety and health are top priorities. Ensuring that children are in good physical condition before hiking is a very important first step. Conduct a light health examination before departure and make sure they are free from illnesses or injuries that could disrupt the journey.

Additionally, also monitor weather and environmental conditions. Although the dry season is generally safer, remain vigilant against sudden weather changes. Additionally, make sure to bring safety equipment such as maps, compasses, navigation tools, and emergency supplies. Teach children how to use these equipment and what to do in case of emergency. Always supervise children during the journey and make sure they do not stray from the predefined route.

Furthermore, it’s important to monitor children’s food and water intake during the journey. Make sure they consume enough water and nutritious food to maintain their energy and health during the hike. Don’t hesitate to take breaks if needed and don’t force children to continue if they feel tired or uncomfortable. By considering all these aspects, the adventure of climbing Mount Rinjani with children can be a safe, enjoyable, and unforgettable experience for the whole family.

4.Environmental Education

Hiking on Mount Rinjani with children can also be an opportunity to provide valuable environmental education. Encourage them to understand the beauty of nature and the importance of preserving the environment. Explain the ecosystems and biodiversity around them. By offering environmental education from a young age, children will grow up with a higher awareness of the importance of protecting nature.

During the journey, involve children in activities that teach environmental preservation, such as picking up litter along hiking trails or observing the flora and fauna around them. Also, discuss the impacts of human actions on the environment and how we can all contribute to its preservation. Additionally, take advantage of moments in nature to teach children environmentally friendly concepts, such as using recycled items, saving water and energy, as well as reducing carbon footprint.

By providing concrete examples and direct experiences in nature, children are more likely to understand and internalize environmental values. Through the environmental education provided during the adventure of climbing Mount Rinjani, children will develop a sense of responsibility towards nature and understand that they have a role to play in its preservation. Thus, this adventure will not only be a fun experience but will also help shape an environmentally conscious generation for the future.

5.Experience at Mount Rinjani

Mount Rinjani 


When hiking on Mount Rinjani with children, every step of the journey is part of an unforgettable adventure. Explore the stunning natural beauty, enjoy the fresh air, and breathe in the scent of lush pine trees. Every moment spent together becomes a precious moment to cherish for a lifetime.

In addition to appreciating the beauty of nature, take advantage of time spent with children to plan fun activities on Mount Rinjani. For example, invite them to stargaze at night while telling local legends or playing traditional games around the campsite. You can also encourage them to record their travel experiences and create a photo album together as a keepsake.

Don’t forget to maintain enthusiasm and joy during the journey. Involve children in the decision-making process and let them feel involved in this adventure. This way, they will feel more invested and excited about exploring Mount Rinjani. By appreciating every moment spent with children and planning fun activities, the hiking adventure on Mount Rinjani will become an unforgettable experience for the whole family.


Hiking on Mount Rinjani with children certainly requires extra preparation and attention. However, this experience can be a precious time that will shape unforgettable memories for the whole family. With careful planning, a good understanding of the conditions and unique features of Mount Rinjani, as well as adequate physical and mental preparation, the adventure of hiking with children can be enriching and profound.

Through this adventure, children will learn resilience, courage, and teamwork. They will be inspired by the beauty of nature and learn to appreciate the environment. Additionally, this adventure will strengthen family bonds and create beautiful memories that will be cherished for years to come.

Let’s make exploring Mount Rinjani a journey that leaves traces not only on its summit but also in the hearts and minds of our children. By taking them to explore the wonders of nature, we not only offer them an unforgettable adventure experience but also instill important values such as courage, perseverance, and love for nature. Plan your trip to Lombok to visit the magnificent Mount Rinjani.

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