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Scuba Diving in Bali: 9 Ideal Beaches for Diving

Bali, known for its incomparable natural beauty, captivates not only on land but also hides astonishing underwater marvels. The island is a paradise for divers, offering beaches with spectacular coral reef panoramas, an extraordinary diversity of marine life, and captivating dive sites.

In the quest to explore the hidden beauty of this island of gods, we present a comprehensive guide to the 10 best beaches ideal for diving in Bali. This guide will lead you through an incredible underwater adventure, help you understand the charm of each place, cater to different skill levels, and unveil the unique features that make each beach a must-visit for divers. Let’s embark on exploring Bali’s underwater richness and experience the ineffable beauty found only at the depths of this island.

The 10 Best Beaches for Diving in Bali

1.Amed Beach

Diving in Bali

source : bali.com

Amed Beach is located in the northeast of Bali and is a favorite among divers. Known for its natural beauty of coral reefs, Amed offers a variety of fish species, including turtles, and also houses shipwrecks where diverse marine life thrives. Its calm waters allow beginners to enjoy the underwater beauty without diving too deep.

From a conservation standpoint, Amed Beach is also recognized for hosting a sustainable coral reef planting project, making it appealing to environmentally conscious divers. With varying depths, ranging from shallow to deeper waters, this beach is indeed the ideal spot for divers of all levels.

2.Tulamben Beach

Diving in Bali

source: zubludiving.com

Tulamben is a paradise for diving enthusiasts in Bali who want to explore the underwater beauty by diving around the USAT Liberty wreck. This cargo ship sank during World War II and is now home to various forms of marine life, from groupers to different species of colorful fish. With a depth of about 30 meters, this site is also suitable for novice divers.

In addition to the wreck, Tulamben Beach also offers a magnificent coral garden and highly diverse marine life. With good visibility and generally stable weather, Tulamben is a sought-after destination for divers who wish to explore Bali’s underwater wonders.

3.Nusa Penida Beach

Diving in Bali

source: balitravelshop.com

Nusa Penida, an island located southeast of Bali, offers an extraordinary diving experience. One of its biggest attractions is the opportunity to observe manta rays. Places like Manta Point are the main destination for divers who want a direct encounter with manta rays. Additionally, Nusa Penida Beach is also known for its spectacular views of coral reefs and abundant marine life.

The underwater beauty of Nusa Penida is often described as something not to be missed for divers. However, it’s important to remember that some locations here require more advanced diving skills due to strong ocean currents. Nonetheless, for experienced divers, Nusa Penida is a paradise to explore.

4.Menjangan Beach

Diving in Bali

source: klook.com

Menjangan Island, located in the northwest of Bali, is known for its still very preserved underwater natural beauty. The Bali Barat National Park area that protects this island makes it one of the best-preserved diving destinations in Bali. Its gorgeous coral reefs and diversity of marine life make Menjangan Island a diver’s paradise.

Sites like Eel Garden and Coral Garden offer spectacular views of coral reefs, inhabited by various tropical fish species and other forms of marine life. Clear water and excellent visibility make Menjangan Island the perfect spot for snorkeling and diving. However, being a bit far from the main tourist hub of Bali, access to Menjangan Island might require extra planning.

5.Padang Bai Beach

Diving in Bali

source: befreetour.com

Padang Bai, besides being the main port for surrounding islands, is also known for its interesting diving sites. One of the most renowned sites here is Blue Lagoon, which offers extraordinary underwater beauty with exceptional visibility and captivating marine biodiversity.

In addition to Blue Lagoon, Padang Bai Beach also hosts Gili Tepekong, a challenging diving site but providing an exceptional experience for more experienced divers. With occasionally strong currents, Gili Tepekong attracts divers looking for additional challenges to explore the underwater beauty.

6.Sanur Beach

Diving in Bali

source : tripadvisor.com

Although better known as a snorkeling destination, Sanur Beach also offers an interesting diving experience. While its coral reefs might not be as spectacular as in some other Bali destinations, Sanur remains a good place to observe various types of marine life, especially for novice divers.

With varying depths and relatively calm currents, Sanur is suitable for novice divers wanting to discover Bali’s underwater beauty without having to venture too far.

7.Candidasa Beach

Diving in Bali

source: eatsandretreats.com

Candidasa, with its fascinating underwater beauty, offers a satisfying diving experience. One of its main sites is Gili Mimpang, which showcases exceptional marine biodiversity, offering the chance to observe sharks such as bamboo sharks and hammerhead sharks.

In addition to Gili Mimpang, other diving sites around Candidasa include Gili Tepekong, challenging, and Gili Biaha, offering spectacular views of coral reefs. However, it’s worth noting that some sites around Candidasa may require more advanced diving skills due to occasionally strong currents.

8.Pemuteran Beach

Diving in Bali

source: abyssoceanworld.com

Pemuteran is renowned for its successful artificial reef project, making it one of the fascinating diving destinations in Bali. Located in the northwest of the island, Pemuteran Beach offers various intriguing diving sites, including Menjangan Island, previously mentioned, and sites like Napoleon Reef.

The beauty of the artificial reefs in Pemuteran provides an engaging experience for divers concerned with conservation and supporting coral reef preservation efforts.

9.Nusa Lembongan Beach

Diving in Bali

source: zubludiving.com

Nusa Lembongan, along with its siblings Nusa Ceningan and Nusa Penida, presents a variety of interesting diving sites. Locations such as Crystal Bay in Nusa Penida and Manta Point around Nusa Lembongan serve as the main attractions for divers seeking to witness the underwater beauty.

Nusa Lembongan offers exceptional visibility and a mesmerizing diving experience, especially for those wanting to directly see manta rays and enchanting coral reefs.


Exploring the underwater beauty of Bali is not just a journey for diving in Bali but also a journey to understand the invaluable wonders of nature. The ten beaches we’ve reviewed reveal a small part of Bali’s underwater richness, showcasing the diversity of marine fauna, stunning coral reefs, and special sites that often attract divers from around the world.

So, if you’re yearning for an amazing underwater adventure, Bali is the ideal destination. However, while enjoying the underwater beauty, it’s essential to remember the importance of conservation and environmental preservation. This beauty needs our protection and attention to be appreciated by future generations.

We hope this guide won’t just be a list of diving destinations in Bali but a call for the preservation of this exceptional underwater beauty. Get ready to dive into the enchanting underwater world and join Salut Bali in preserving the spectacular beauty of the underwater depths of this charming island. Happy diving in Bali!

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