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Sumatra Itinerary: 12-Day Guide to the Island of Sumatra

Sumatra, a charming island in Indonesia, invites travelers to enjoy an unforgettable adventure. From dense tropical forests to dazzling white sandy beaches, Sumatra offers a diverse tourist experience. In the 12-day Sumatra itinerary, we will design an adventure that allows you to explore the natural and cultural beauty of this island. Get ready to experience the wonders of Sumatra by exploring the amazing destinations planned in the Sumatra itinerary. Visit iconic places and savor every moment on the island of Sumatra, where colorful adventure and natural beauty await.

The 12-day Sumatra itinerary will guide you through the natural wonders of the island. From fascinating tropical forests to enchanting white sandy beaches, each step will provide a profound experience. Explore the natural beauty of Sumatra, emphasizing the uniqueness and diversity of destinations.

12-Day Sumatra Itinerary with Guide on the Island of Sumatra:

Days 1-3: Medan and Its Surroundings

Sumatra Itinerary

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In the captivating Sumatra itinerary in Sumatra, we will explore the cultural and natural richness of northern Sumatra, starting with its capital, Medan. The first day will be dedicated to a perfect introduction to the cultural richness of the region. Medan, as the capital of northern Sumatra, offers a captivating experience, especially in terms of rich cuisine and daily life. The ancient fish market is the main destination on the first day, a paradise for food enthusiasts wishing to explore various delicious dishes reflecting the richness of local ingredients.

In addition to enjoying delicious cuisine, visitors are invited to explore the old fish market. In the colorful diversity and daily life of the locals, this experience provides a deep understanding of local life. After exploring the market, the Sumatra itinerary continues with the majestic Great Mosque of Medan, an astonishing architectural monument and one of the largest mosques in Indonesia. This mosque is not only a place of worship but also holds a captivating history and architectural beauty.

The second day takes the Sumatra itinerary to Lake Toba, the world’s largest volcanic lake. The journey to Lake Toba takes a few hours, but the views that await you are very rewarding. Once at Lake Toba, visitors can feel the magic of the vast panorama of the lake and the refreshing fresh air. The island of Samosir, located in the middle of the lake, is the perfect place to continue the adventure. On this island, visitors can explore traditional villages, meet members of the Batak tribe directly, and feel their warmth and hospitality. This experience not only offers natural beauty but also opens a window into local life and culture.

The highlight of the trip occurs on the third day with a visit to the traditional Batak village, allowing visitors to explore the cultural uniqueness in more depth. This village is a living representation of the rich cultural heritage of northern Sumatra. From traditional art to customary ceremonies, every cultural aspect is revealed here.

By combining cultural richness and natural beauty, the Sumatra itinerary in Sumatra promises a deep and unforgettable experience. From Medan to Lake Toba, each step of the journey will leave a lasting impression on visitors.

Days 4-6: Adventure in Bukit Lawang

Sumatra Itinerary

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In the captivating Sumatra itinerary in Sumatra, we will explore the natural richness and unforgettable adventures, focusing on the attractive destinations of northern Sumatra. The fourth day directs the journey north, towards Bukit Lawang, a renowned destination for the Orangutan Rehabilitation Center. This place promises a profound experience with iconic and rare wildlife species. By observing the natural richness of Sumatra, we can explore the tropical forest of Mount Leuser on a challenging hike, offering captivating natural wonders at every step.

Bukit Lawang, as the next destination in the Sumatra itinerary, offers an extraordinary experience with the wild. The Orangutan Rehabilitation Center is the main attraction, offering a unique opportunity to see orangutans in their natural habitat. Hiking in Mount Leuser, visitors will traverse a dense tropical forest, allowing them to explore extraordinary flora and fauna. This experience is not just about watching rich wildlife but also about connecting with nature and leaving a meaningful imprint.

The sixth day offers equally exciting excitement at the Bohorok River. Rafting activities on this river not only present an extreme adventure with stimulating water currents but also offer natural beauty throughout the river. This experience, while requiring courage to face natural challenges, will leave unforgettable memories that will add color to your Sumatra itinerary.

Overall, the Sumatra itinerary highlights the experience of wildlife and adventure activities in northern Sumatra. By integrating the Orangutan Rehabilitation Center, hiking in Mount Leuser, and rafting on the Bohorok River, each day of the trip offers natural beauty and deep interaction with wildlife. The Sumatra itinerary proves that Sumatra not only offers cultural richness but also a deep and impressive experience of nature.

Days 7-9: Exploration of Lake Maninjau and Bukittinggi

Sumatra Itinerary

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The Sumatra itinerary will take you to amazing destinations, particularly focusing on the beauty of Lake Maninjau and interesting attractions nearby. Move towards Lake Maninjau, a volcanic lake that captivates the heart, and appreciate the spectacular beauty of the landscape from the shores of the lake. Explore the surrounding traditional villages to feel the peaceful and profound life of the countryside. Be sure to discover the Minangkabau cultural richness by interacting with the locals.

On the seventh day of the Sumatra itinerary, spend time appreciating the charm of Lake Maninjau. Strolling along the lake shores will offer an unforgettable experience with breathtaking views. This place is also ideal for relaxing and enjoying the surrounding natural beauty. Additionally, don’t forget to explore the scattered traditional villages around the lake. It’s an opportunity to savor the authentic and unique life of the countryside.

In the following days, focus on a thorough exploration around Lake Maninjau. Make interaction with the locals a precious experience that will bring you closer to the rich and fascinating Minangkabau culture. Bring out the authentic impression of the journey by exploring local heritage and traditions.

On the ninth day, the Sumatra itinerary continues to Bukittinggi, a historic city with several interesting attractions. Explore the magnificent Sianok Canyon, offering dramatic views that will steal your heart. Take time to admire the Great Clock, an icon of this city, and feel the thick atmosphere of history. While exploring the city, be sure to savor the delicious rendang, a Minangkabau culinary pride not to be missed.

This journey combines natural beauty, cultural heritage, and an unforgettable culinary experience. By focusing on the Sumatra itinerary around Lake Maninjau, you will feel the charm and richness of this destination more deeply. Additionally, savor every moment of interaction with the local population to feel the distinctive warmth and hospitality of Sumatra. Don’t forget to taste rendang, a typical Minang dish, which will delight your taste buds throughout this journey.

Sumatra Itinerary Days 10-12: Adventure in Kerinci Seblat National Park and Belitung

Sumatra Itinerary


The final stage of the 12-day Epic Sumatra Itinerary will take you to Kerinci Seblat National Park, a place housing a variety of exotic flora and fauna. With a focus on exploring the amazing nature, trekking through the dense forest will offer an unforgettable experience observing rare wildlife species. Plan your adventure to include the still untouched natural beauty while exploring the riches of Kerinci Seblat National Park.

The tenth and eleventh days of the Sumatra Itinerary are dedicated to an in-depth adventure in Kerinci Seblat National Park. Through trekking in the heart of this majestic forest, you will have the rare opportunity to observe wildlife, including some rare species that are the main attraction of this national park. Be sure to bring your camera and capture beautiful moments with nature, creating unforgettable memories.

The climax of the Sumatra Itinerary is reached on Belitung Island, a fascinating destination with its astonishing natural beauty. The island offers the charm of clean white sandy beaches and crystal-clear sea, creating a perfect atmosphere to relax and enjoy the natural beauty. Focus on exploring unique granite rocks such as Batu Garuda and Batu Berlayar, which are the distinctive features of Belitung Island. Don’t miss the opportunity to explore Lengkuas and Kepayang Islands, which offer captivating underwater views, adding a layer of beauty to your adventure.

The Sumatra Itinerary ensures that your journey is not only a physical adventure but also an immersion in the natural richness and uniqueness of each destination. By emphasizing Kerinci Seblat National Park and Belitung Island, you will feel the wonders of still untouched nature and extraordinary beauty. Additionally, enjoy every moment to connect with nature, creating deep bonds with the surrounding environment.

Make this adventure an opportunity to get closer to wild nature and feel the wonder of life in their natural habitat. Every step in the dense forest of Kerinci Seblat National Park will bring you closer to the captivating diversity of flora and fauna. Meanwhile, Belitung becomes the perfect endpoint, offering a perfect combination of beach beauty and exploration of unique granite rocks.

Highlights in the Sumatra Itinerary Plan:

1.Lake Toba

Lake Toba, a magical Sumatra Itinerary in northern Sumatra, offers an extraordinary tourist experience. With its majestic dimensions, this volcanic lake is embraced by green mountains, creating an exceptional landscape. Samosir Island in the middle of the lake enriches the experience with the authentic cultural life of the Batak people. The surrounding traditional villages offer a representation of life rich in heritage. Tourists can enjoy the enchanting panorama, explore the beauty of the villages, and feel the hospitality of the locals. Lake Toba also offers water activities such as swimming and diving, enriching the visit with unforgettable adventures under the magnificent Sumatran sky.

2.Weh Island

Weh Island, located at the extreme northwest of Sumatra, captivates visitors with the exceptional charm of its beaches. Clear water and magnificent coral reefs make this island a paradise for divers and water activity enthusiasts. The underwater beauty enhances the diving experience, with amazing marine biodiversity.

In addition to its underwater richness, Weh Island is also known for its peaceful atmosphere. The calm atmosphere of the island creates an ideal environment for a relaxing vacation. Tourists can enjoy beautiful beaches, relax by the sea, or explore the natural beauty of the island through various outdoor activities. Weh Island offers not only incredible water adventures but is also a perfect retreat for those seeking tranquility and natural beauty.

3.Mount Kerinci

The ascent of Mount Kerinci offers a thrilling and unforgettable experience for true adventurers. Located in the Jambi province of Indonesia, the country’s highest peak offers spectacular natural panoramas and fresh air, creating a captivating combination for hikers. The majestic mountain landscape, dense forest, and impressive cloud panorama accompany the Sumatra Itinerary fascinatingly.

Not only a physical challenge, this ascent also invites explorers to delve into the natural beauty of Indonesia that remains unexplored. The success of reaching the summit of Mount Kerinci offers an exceptional reward in the form of an unparalleled hiking experience and natural panoramas that enchant the eyes.

4.Deli Malay Kingdom

The city of Medan, with its deep historical roots in the Deli Malay Kingdom, has become the center of a captivating cultural heritage. The Maimun Palace, with its magnificent architecture, testifies to the glorious past. This building, originally the official residence of the sultans of Deli, is now a historic landmark inviting visitors to immerse themselves in the richness of its culture and history.

The Maimun Palace offers a profound experience for tourists wishing to savor the splendor of the Deli Malay Kingdom. With beautiful architectural details, colorful interiors, and exhibited historical collections, this palace provides an impressive glimpse into palace life in the past. For those interested in cultural heritage and history, the Maimun Palace in Medan is a destination rich in meaning and beauty.

5.Southern Barisan Mountains National Park

This place, home to various wildlife species, including the Sumatran tiger and elephant, invites tourists to explore abundant biological diversity. Through hiking and outdoor adventure, visitors have the rare opportunity to see exotic animals in their natural habitat. The rich biodiversity creates an unforgettable experience, allowing travelers to get close to wildlife and appreciate conservation efforts to protect unique flora and fauna.

By providing a wildlife observation space, this place promotes awareness of the importance of nature preservation and biological diversity. Tourists can not only enjoy natural beauty but also contribute to conservation efforts through understanding and support for environmental preservation. Thus, exploring this place not only offers a deep adventure experience but also leaves a positive impact on the sustainability of nature.

6.Tsunami Museum in Aceh

Located in Banda Aceh, this museum is a moving witness to the 2004 tsunami event that shook Indonesia. With informative and in-depth exhibits, this museum serves as a place of respect for the victims and reflects human strength in the face of a devastating natural disaster. Through collections of artifacts, photos, and personal stories, this museum describes the emotional and physical impact felt by the Aceh community at that time.

Visitors can feel the depth of this tragedy and appreciate the recovery and rebuilding efforts undertaken. The Tsunami Museum in Aceh is not only a historical site but also a learning tool for future generations about the urgency of disaster preparedness and response. By remembering this tragic event, this museum raises awareness of human vulnerability to nature as well as the strength of determination and unity in facing difficult trials.

7.Padang Beach

Padang Beach, not only attractive for surfers with its ideal waves but also a beautiful destination to enjoy the sunset and other seaside activities. With its soft white sand, this beach is a pleasant place for visitors seeking relaxation and natural beauty.

The stunning marine panorama creates the perfect setting for romantic moments or relaxing activities like a stroll along the shore. Padang Beach is not only a place for incredible water adventures but also a peaceful oasis where tourists can immerse themselves in the tranquility of the sea, admire a spectacular sunset, and create beautiful memories by the Indian Ocean.

Tips for Planning Your Sumatra Itinerary:

  1. Detailed Itinerary Planning: A detailed itinerary will help you optimize your time and avoid rushing. Include information about distances between locations, visiting hours, and the time required for each activity at each destination.

  2. Choose the Right Season: Consider the climate and the best season for your visit. The dry season is generally preferable for enjoying destinations without being hindered by weather. However, if visiting during the rainy season is unavoidable, prepare with rain gear and stay informed about weather forecasts.

  3. Use a Local Guide: A local guide can provide in-depth and contextual information about the places you visit. They can help you avoid risky areas and offer valuable local insights.

  4. Physical Preparation and Health: Maintain your physical health before departure and bring necessary medications. Ensure you have travel insurance covering emergencies. Avoid drinking tap water and always have access to drinkable water.

  5. Use Local Transportation: Use local transportation to experience the daily life of locals. This not only supports the local economy but also provides a more authentic Sumatra experience.

  6. Efficient Packing: Bring equipment suitable for activities and the climate. Ensure you have emergency items such as personal medications and a map of the visited region.

  7. Respect Local Culture: Respect local culture by adopting appropriate attitudes and behaviors. Feel free to ask locals about customs and unwritten rules to follow.

  8. Explore Local Cuisine: Taste local specialties to discover culinary diversity. Ask locals or guides for food recommendations.

  9. Wise Financial Management: Plan your Sumatra Itinerary budget carefully. Use credit cards or digital wallets to avoid carrying too much cash. Make sure to have a financial reserve for emergencies.

  10. Sustainability and Nature Preservation: Remember to maintain cleanliness and follow ecotourism principles. Avoid harming the environment and local culture. Bring your own plastic bag or container to reduce plastic waste.

  11. Safety and Registration: Inform authorities or your loved ones about your travel plans. Keep copies of important documents such as your passport and ID, along with emergency numbers.

  12. Communication Network and Internet Connection: Ensure good communication coverage. Consider getting a local SIM card or a roaming package to maintain a stable internet connection, facilitate navigation, and communicate with your family or friends.

By following the above tips, we hope your Sumatra Itinerary will be a satisfying and memorable experience. Enjoy the beauty of this island!


As we conclude this 12-day journey, we become aware of the extraordinary richness of Sumatra. From culturally rich Medan to the thrilling adventures of Bukit Lawang, each destination offers a unique experience. Exploring Lake Maninjau and Bukittinggi takes us through magnificent landscapes, while adventures in Kerinci Seblat National Park and the wonders of Belitung’s beaches add a dimension to Sumatra’s natural diversity.

At every step, we encounter the still untouched natural beauty, observe cultural diversity, and feel the warmth of local hospitality. The Sumatra Itinerary is not just an adventure but also a self-discovery and an appreciation of the Earth’s beauty.

Thus, the 12-day Sumatra Itinerary not only provides satisfying experiences but also offers an in-depth perspective on the natural and cultural heritage worth preserving. Through each narrative and trace of this Sumatra Itinerary, we are reminded of the importance of preserving the environment and supporting the preservation of cultural heritage. Plan your trip to Sumatra with Salut Bali to explore the beauty of Sumatra while enjoying and preserving its natural and cultural richness. Happy exploration and preservation of the wonders of Sumatra!

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